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Many dogs are clipped because of the necessity to keep the dog well groomed which in turn helps to keep it healthy, or for the purposes of easier management as a house pet or because of sever matting.


This service is used on most dogs at some point of their groom. We use many different scissors for different reasons depending on your dog’s needs i.e.  Thinning the coat, removing knots and general maintenance.

Cleany Teeth

We clean without movement, vibration or noises.  Antibacterial effect helps eliminate bacteria on your dogs teeth and gums.  Cleany teeth is state of the art oral hygiene technology that performs better than other toothbrushes including, sonic, electric or rotating brushes 

Pre Bathing 

We will brush your dog(s) hair before giving him/her a bath to prevent the hair becoming tangled when wet.


The dog will be bathed with a shampoo that is suitable to the dogs’ skin and coat type. The shampoo / conditioner will leave your dog feeling very clean, we also use flea shampoo if needed. All dogs are hand dried using towels and special hairdryers. 

Nail Cutting 

This service is usually done within the groom but we do offer the service separately.

Ears Cleaned

This service is done during the grooming process of your dog, we use a wash formulated for ear cleaning.

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